Cloverly Account - Storefront

How to create a custom page for your customers to purchase carbon credits



Our Storefront feature lets you build a custom page for your customers to purchase carbon credits, without having to build out a full integration with the Cloverly API. Once created, Storefront pages can be linked to or embedded on your site. Customers pay via credit card, and they instantly receive a purchase receipt and carbon credit certificate.

Feature Overview:

Step 1: Projects Selection


Present a curated list of projects for your customers to choose from.

Step 2: Purchase amount


Customers can then choose the amount they would like to purchase, or you can set a predetermined amount for them.

Step 3: Checkout


Customers input their credit card information and email address to complete the purchase. 

Step 4: Confirmation 

After a successful purchase, the customer is brought to a confirmation screen with project details, the credit card receipt, and the carbon credit certificate. 

Page Setup:


In your Cloverly account, you can manage previous and existing pages, and create new pages. 

Please view the video above for setup help. Additional help can be found in our API documentation. If you have additional questions, please email us.