What are some recommendations to showcase my project on Cloverly's marketplace?

Cloverly’s Recommendations for Project Listings Content

This article lists some simple ways to showcase your project. These are our recommendations and you are strongly encouraged to find the best way to tell your story and your strengths. 

  • Project official name: If the project is registry-certified, this needs to match the official name reflected in the registry.

    Keo Seima project title
  • Short description: To give an overview of the project covering critical info such as location, methodology, USPs. Maximum length is 180 characters. 

    Novocarbo short desc
  • Images

    • Primary image should be in landscape orientation. This is captured in the project submission form.
    • Our project listings accept 3 complementary images in addition to the primary image - you are encouraged to submit as many of these images as possible to tell the most compelling visual story.
    • Images should be JPG/PNG only and of file size of 2MB or less. 
    • Best practice would be to show a diversity of images, e.g.: 
      • Carbon removal production in process
      • Diagrams that explain the methodology
      • Images with people e.g. the benefactors of the claimed UN SDGs.
Inplanet images
  • Long description: This is your space to write the best story you can while providing necessary detail on your project’s strengths. To give a detailed description of the project, you can include its history, developers, methodology, registry, carbon credentials, quality assurance, co-benefits, community impact, SDGs and more. Please ensure a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 350 words for this section.

  • General Recommendations

    • Write in third person. Avoid the use of ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘our’. 
    • Do not make any additional claims on impact of projects that are not verified or captured by registry information.
    • Avoid using superlatives - largest, oldest, first, etc without additional verification. 
    • Add links to sources and references to claims where possible. 
    • Try to keep your descriptions between 200 and 350 words so that your project information can fit into a single page.
  • For existing project listings: Please review the content and ensure that they have the correct project name, short description and images.