What is carbon offsetting and why is it critical to our fight against climate change?

A climate solution that can protect the planet TODAY

The first step to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere is to emit less. However, switching to lower CO2 emitting processes requires changing the entire system to work on alternative fuels, which may be expensive and not even feasible. What can we do now while we work to reduce our carbon emissions over many years? We can contribute to climate solutions that can protect the planet today through carbon offsetting.


Carbon offsetting is compensating for carbon emissions that you cannot reduce today. You recompense for the CO2 you emitted today by contributing to offset projects that remove or avoid an equivalent amount of CO2. According to scientists studying climate change for decades at IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), life on earth cannot survive an increase of anything beyond 2o C or 3.6o F and large-scale carbon removal right now is imperative to saving our future. Carbon removal must go hand-in-hand with emission reduction to have a sizeable environmental impact.